UNAM, Mexico City UBF Report (CU)

by WMD   02-16-2011   0 reads

“Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” (Deuteronomy 6:5)

I thank God for blessing and guiding us in 2010. We would like to share the work of God who has been with us in 2010.

I. The work of preaching in UNAM.

This past year, we organized groups to fish and share the Word on campus. We had four groups of Bible Study; on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. About an hour before each Bible Study, the shepherds fished on campus and invited the students to the Bible Study. At first, the sheep did not participate regularly. Instead, they participated once and then no longer participated. However, after a few months, some sheep began to participate regularly. Among them, some began to study 1:1 Bible Study with their shepherd and participate in the Bible academy and even the Christmas worship service. The sheep who participated regularly are as follows: Nadya, Carmen, Javier, Dulce, Osvaldo, Eduardo (these are the Tuesday sheep), Maribel, Alan, Carmen, Luis Manuel, Brenda, Marilin (these are the Wednesday sheep), Luis Gutiérrez, Laura, Paola, Eduardo, Jorge, Cynthia Beatriz, Luis, Eder, Alberto (these are the Thursday sheep), Juan Torres, Carlos, Luis, Karla, Berenice, Carlos(Ing.), Angélica, Pablo, Federico, José (these are the Saturday sheep). As such, many sheep began to study the Bible regularly and received the Word of God. In this new year, we hope to grow the Bible Study groups on campus even more so that many students in the UNAM may find Jesus. We pray that God may greatly use the Bible Study groups in abundance.

II. The work of the marriage of faith

Last year, three marriages of faith were established. They were the following: S. Alejandro and S. Mireya, S. Rogelio and S. Irazú, S. Ailed and C. José. S. Alejandro was a very useless man. It had been almost 10 years since he first came to UBF and began to study the Bible. However, he didn’t grow spiritually. But two years ago, he became a very faithful man. Thus, by the grace of God, he was able to marry a beautiful woman. S. Ailed was a Samaritan woman. But after finding Jesus, her life changed radically. She regularly gives 1:1 Bible study more than 15 times a week. Sometimes even more than 30 times a week. As such, she is now a woman filled with love. God blessed her through the wedding with C. José who was her ex-boyfriend. I pray that God may constantly bless us by establishing weddings of faith in this country.

III. The work of world mission.

This year, God sent 3 missionaries to other countries. In February, M. Erendira went to Buenos Aires, Argentina as a missionary. At first, she had much difficulty in adapting to the environment in Argentina. She also had difficulty solving the material problem to study for a Master’s Degree in the faculty of law in the University of Buenos Aires. Now, she is powerfully serving the history of Buenos Aires UBF by coworking with M. DK and all the other coworkers. God also sent M. Daniel Park and Anna Park to El Salvador as silver missionaries. Two years ago, they came to Mexico as silver missionaries. And now they went to El Salvador to cowork with M. Isidro and M. Edith. We pray that they may overcome the Spanish language quickly to serve the history of God powerfully.

IV. The conference of Central America

Last year, we had the Conference of Central America in Mexico. During the conference, it rained heavily. There were also other problems; for example, M. Moses Chang had much difficulty arriving at the conference site due to the corruption of Mexican policemen – they took a lot of money from him. That is why he was unable to arrive on time to the conference. Despite all this, God worked greatly during the conference. Many were moved and repented when hearing the Word. Through this conference, we clearly saw that in the XXI century, God will use the continent of Central America greatly.