Bolivia Mission Report and Prayer Topics

by WMD   03-02-2011   0 reads

Acts 20:31 – “So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.”

On July 29 to August 1, there was a historical International Conference of the south of South America in Bolivia. During conference time we were on summer, and students on exams. So we had problems inviting sheep to the conference. But, when we prayed 1000 times together, we were able to serve the first and historic conference, which started the light of spiritual revival. 170 people participated: 120 from 6 South American countries, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and 50 from other parts.

For this conference, the coworkers from Bolivia meet at the Center every day and we prayed for 4 months. Usually there were more than 10 coworkers in these prayer meetings. On this time many coworkers learned how to pray. Even after the conference, many of them wanted to keep the prayer meeting on night, and even now the still do it. This movement became a source of strength to have 60 attendance on Sunday Worship Service on last year’s second semester.

From 2008, we prayed to have our own Bible Center, because the space was not enough for us, and near the university we could not find somewhere any bigger. We prayed for a whole year, and God guided us to a house with an area of 400 square meters (4,305.6 sqft aprox), about 5 to 6 minutes from the university, in a calm zone with a park in front of it.

In the beginning, the owner of the house asked for $130,000 USD; so we could not afford it. We discarded that possibility. But after more than a year searching for a house, we could not find any good place. It looked like God did not want us to have our own Center. But one day, I was looking again, and I asked for that house again just see. The owner humbled herself, and she asked for $100,000 USD, because suddenly she was urged to sell the house, or else she would lose it. We asked her to lower the price, and we bought the house for $95,000 USD without hesitating.

We started to build it on June last year. Only the inversion to build the first floor was $75,000 USD, an unthinkable amount for us. So many times we wanted to stop building for the lack of resources. But God provided us with resources one way or the other. Now we almost finished the first floor. Through building the Bible Center we learned that God is with us; and how he likes what we are doing, even if at the eyes of the world we are but a small and insignificant flock.

I thank God for the growth of our coworkers last year 2010. S. Ana, a Korean immigrant in Bolivia, grew and was established as missionary during the International Conference. The house of S. Abraham Erick and S. Sara Ingrid was about to break in 2009, but in 2010 it was restored and now it is being established as a house-church. M. Mateo and M. Corina’s house is bearing fruits of disciples. They are very influential, because both are successful in their profession, which is not common thing in Bolivia. Also God gave them their firs son Isaac.

S. Pamela was in her last year of residency on medical school. She found out that she had breast cancer. But during the surgery and chemotherapy, God took care of her very carefully, and she could finish all for free. Her family pursued her because of her Christian life, but now they support her. So, even during the treatment, she served Bible study with her sheep at her house.

Now in Bolivia there are many shepherdesses that are in age to get married by faith. Also, there are shepherds graduated that are looking for a job, which is one of the biggest problems among young people in Bolivia. We are praying that in this year, in can be established to house-churches by faith.

In the beginning of 2010, I closed my clinic. I could have received the respect from other people with this job, but the income was not enough to sustain the university education of my children. But through my brother-in-law, president Kim Dong Woo, God gave me another job representing Korean companies in Bolivia. This is the Promised Land, which I have to go and posses it.

It has been 21 years when I started the pioneering mission. At the beginning, I could not see anything, so it was easy to depend only in Invisible God with tears. But now we have many things we can see, even a beautiful Bible Center. Without noticing it, the conformism came into my heart. Many times I was living just as a Korean immigrant in Bolivia, and not as a missionary.

In the other hand, I realized that whenever I am with Bolivian sheep, they depended on me and my wife, and not on God. Even when Bolivia ministry was not established, my only presence could be an obstacle for the growth of Bolivian leaders. Accidentally I could take away the opportunity for Bolivian leaders to grow taking the leadership of Bolivia’s ministry. I and M. Paulina decided to be sent as missionaries to somewhere else in 5 years. I pray to God that we may serve the work of discipleship with tears, in order for Bolivian leaders to succeed Bolivian ministry.

Prayer topics:

1.      That the Bible Center may be as the school of Tyrannus.

2.      To establish 24 house-churches until 2015.

3.      100 1:1 and 70 attendance to SWS.

4.      To establish at least 2 house-churches in this year.

One word: Remember my tears.