Report of IPN UBF Mexico (M. Bernabé Choi)

by WMD   03-09-2011   0 reads

Deuteronomy 6:5 “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”

God allowed us a new Bible center and changed the name to IPN UBF which was Azcapozalco before. I thank God for being with our ministry and blessing us in many ways. I would like to share the work of God in the past year.

First: God raised three candidates.They are Alexander (Civil Eng. 4), Fabian (Civil Eng. 4)and Daniel (Eng. With degree). They wrote their life testimonies in 50 pages, 6 pages and 2 pages respectively and shared it, which was a good training. I raised these three candidates after prayer and laying hands on them. God gave them many spiritual training topics such as testimony, offering representative prayer in worship service, presiding, cleaning the church, singing special hymn, finishing their degree, fishing meeting, the housing shop, feeding sheep, football, obedience, etc. During the conference, they shared their life testimonies and the grace of God with the participants. But I felt very limited as it is a very hard task to raise disciples of Jesus. Their hearts were very proud, and they were arrogant and foolish. They did not want to take the spiritual training at times. C. Alexander would argue with C. Daniel about human conflict during life in the ministry and so went out into the world for a month and a half. When he separated from God, he committed many sins such as debauchery, chasing after women, drinking and fornication. But God had great mercy on C. Alexander and he returned. Through these events, he recognized the great grace and love of God in his heart to live a life of faith. May God help him grow as a shepherd in this year, study his career faithfully and continue his job by faith.

C. Daniel is very constant, good and pure of heart. He found Jesus personally as his Savior through the Easter Bible conference. He went fishing with me and grew as a candidate to feed a sheep. Daniel lived in the UBF center and did many things for the work of God. He presided for the worship service, cleaned the center, completed his degree, prepared for the log table, fed sheep, collaborated well with me, etc. He graduated from his major in 2010 but he met a woman and his heart was distracted. He left the ministry on December 19. He confessed his sins, came back to God and lived as a man of faith. I pray that he will become a professor shepherd of the IPN campus.

God allowed us new sheep. C. Daniel brought Abraham (Psychology 2nd Semester) and Alejandro (Civil Eng. 4th semester). Abraham confessed all his sins before God and received the forgiveness of Jesus as his Savior through the summer Bible conference. He participated in the Sunday worship service and studied the Bible faithfully to grow as a man of faith. God helped us raise many spiritual leaders in our IPN UBF this year.

Second: Our IPN UBF football team was founded. It was established in September. We had football training after the Sunday worship service. C. Daniel was the team captain; he trained us and served us. We played against another team once every month; Abraham invited his cousins, his father and many sheep to compete between teams. Our team lacked members but Abraham brought his relatives to complete the football team. I trained the disciples through football. Also, God allowed us a new center; it was UBF Azcapozalco but we changed the name to UBF IPN because the name was too difficult to pronounce for many shepherds.

Third: God allowed us abundant Word of God.He gave us the word of Luke, Daniel, Exodus and Christmas message. C. Alexander, C. Daniel and Abraham served the Christmas message. God gave them the baby Jesus in their hearts. They wrote a deep testimony and practiced their messages 20 times and delivered the message powerfully. Through them, I had the vision to do the work of evangelism powerfully among the Mexican people.

Fourth: I thank God for collaborating well with me and what is lacking.C. Daniel collaborated positively, presided, cleaned and did many things for God. C. Alexander, C. Fabian and Abraham served the special hymns and the representative prayer in the worship service. M. Rebeca Choi served delicious food each worship service and sang for special occasions. Hanna and Samuel served the worship service through the piano and violin to praise God with music.

Fifth: New spiritual direction and prayer topic of 2011 in IPN. I have to raise the disciples of Jesus firmly, like C. Alexander, C. Fabian, C. Daniel and Abraham in this year to serve the history of God and make the ministry double. IPN UBF Key Verse: Mark 8:34 “Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.’”

Prayer topics:

1.     Raise C. Alexander, C. Fabian, C. Daniel and Abraham as good disciples of Jesus.

2.     Raise 5 new disciples this year.

3.     Raise 12 disciples of Jesus and two marriages of faith by 2015 and 20 marriages of faith by 2020.

4.     20 1:1: Bible studies, 15 participants in the worship service.

5.     Gospel of Luke messages