Moscow Visit News

by WMD   03-18-2011   0 reads

From March 7-14, Dr. John, Dr. Paul H., and Dr. Paul C. from the USA, Dr. James from S. Korea, and

Dr. Peter from Kiev, Ukraine visited Moscow. Dr. John led John 13 group Bible studies for women
missionaries, men missionaries, and Russian leaders separately each evening. They also shared their
testimonies each night. We learned two things from the love of Jesus: Jesus washed his disciples’ feet
and set an example, and Jesus gave a new command, “Love each other.” Jesus showed the full extent
of his love to the disciples in spite of his upcoming crucifixion. This shows that his love is unconditional,
and this is agape love. Dr. John encouraged all the co-workers to love each other and love deeply the
ones they cannot love so that Moscow UBF may set an example for other chapters in Russia and the CIS
and so that their ministry may be built newly.