Nicaragua UBF Easter Conf. Prayer Topics

by WMD   03-27-2011   0 reads

 We will study Luke C4 with the title, "MAN DOES NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE." We pray that God may raise messengers among Mariano, Yasiris, Sandra and Maira. May God send 25 students and give us a spiritual revival. Mario was our first Bible student who left us for a while. But he returned to our worship service. He is a Nicaragua Taekwondo National coach. He wants to invite his 10 Taekwondo disciples to our Easter conference. Their eyes were sparkling with Taekwondo spirit. We pray and hope that they may grow as disciples of Jesus too. Please pray for Juan Kim's health. He easily gets tired and becomes weak. Doctor found viruses in his blood test. He will receive more tests next week. We want to request two messengers to come and support us from outside due to M. Juan's Kim's health problem as well as most of our members are still young.

From Nicaragua, Rebekah