Belize First Easter Bible Conf. Report

by WMD   04-20-2011   0 reads

Happy Easter! Thank God for your prayers.  We wanted to have a one day Easter Bible Study Day to learn the meaning of Easter before Easter vacation. We prayed for 1:1 Bible students to have a group Bible study together and have Christian fellowship. God blessed last Saturday-April 16th to have a group Bible study on Luke 23 and to hear the message, "Father, forgive them!" and to write testimonies and share. Rodrigo, Kellie, Giovani, Dillon, Sylvia attended and Shepherdess Anne from Washington UBF came to serve. She delivered resurrection message from Luke 24 on Sunday. Kimisha and Rufus attended. So a total 10 attended and we were encouraged with renewed gospel vision.

Though this was a small meeting, I want to call it the first Belize UBF Easter Conference. We pray that Belize campus mission may be rooted and built up firmly on this gospel of Jesus' death and resurrection. May God raise up one man of faith who has a sense of responsibility for Belize campus mission! We are going to move to a new house in the end of this month. It has 3 bed rooms in the 1st floor of the two. It has a good size of living room for worship. The address is "1056 Bachelor Ave. Belize City, Belize C.A." We are going to put up a sign "Welcome to Belize University Bible Fellowship" which Washington UBF sent. May God use it as a Bible study center and a prayer house for all nations! 

In His gospel,
Moses Chang in Belize