Nicaragua UBF Easter Conf. Report

by WMD   05-02-2011   0 reads


Nicaragua UBF had Easter Bible Conference from 16th-18 of April with the title, "Father, forgive them." 22 attended including 5 CBF members. Sh. Maira Sandra invited many sheep and had Tamara (Med 4), Asudubal (Med 3), Everlyn (Psy 2), Dina (Econ 2), Eva (Econ 3), Mario(Sports 3), and Lihia (Psy Grad). 5 growing leaders delivered message as their five loaves and two fish. They are Sandra (Lk 15), Jonathan (John 4), Yasiris( Luke 23) and Maira (Luke 24). Rebekah Kim and Marlene shared their life testimonies. Sandra and Maira led 2 group Bible studies and 4 people shared their Bible testimonies. Through this conference Padia repented her adultery with her married boy friend. Dina confessed her sin of drunkenness and two suicide attempts. Tamara confessed her fear of father who beat up her mother always and her severe stress of medical study. Lihia is wife of Mario and has a 3 year old son. She had low self-esteem due to her father's mistreatment. To solve this problem, she ate and ate. But now she learned man should not live bread alone and found herself precious before God.  Asudubal confessed his lust problem but repented and was baptized. Mario confessed his past drunkenness. Eva confessed her failure of two marriages and death of her baby with much tears.

Evelyn confessed her wounds by her mom with much tears for her likeness with her father.

Mariano led all the singspiration from his soul.  Astubal who is a dancing team of UNAN traditional dance led dancing practice for Easter and he also borrowed the best costumes from school and served God. By the work of the Holy Spirit, all attendants prepared impromto drama during the conference based on John 4 and Luke 15. Dina served Pantomime of Jesus' crucifixion. We watched the movie of "PASSION OF CHRIST" at night. By the work of the Holy Spirit, we had baptism ceremony. Mario, Jonathan, Eva, Marlene, Maira and Asudubal were baptized based on Romans 6. 

After conference all realized to receive disciple training due to their deep rooted sinfulness and wounds. We pray God may help us to raise them as wonderful Bible teachers through sincere 1:1 Bible study. Continue to pray for Juan Kim's health, Luke's gospel message, July Winter Bible Conference and raising one house church.