Easter Bible Conf. Report for Guadalajara, Mexico

by WMD   05-10-2011   0 reads

I thank God who blessed the united Easter Bible conference in Guadalajara, Mexico. Our conference was held at a beautiful conference site, Inspiration Center, from April 21st to 24th. There were 117 participants in total (77 from Guadalajara, 16 from Monterrey, 5 from Zapopan, 8 from Tepic and 11 from IPN). I want to share what I learned and the grace I received from this conference.

First, there was the work of salvation through the messages. Through 11 powerful messengers, many souls repented and were saved. On the first night, 5 sincere life testimonies of shepherdesses from Guadalajara UBF opened the hearts of many sheep. Also there were 6 life testimonies of disciple candidates on the second and third day. Also we received deeply Jesus who did not condemn and the love of Jesus who finished everything on the cross through group Bible studies and main messages. Brother Alejandro (IPN) lived a dark and sorrowful life because his father was gone before he was born. He lived as a thief and liar. But he received deeply the word of John 8:12 and was born again. He decided to live in the light and is sharing common life living in the Bible center. I thank God for 11 sheep who shared their testimonies full of repentance from every sin and who received salvation. I pray to make a book of the conference to be used for the Latin mission as five loaves and two fish.

Second, there was a beautiful work of co-working among 5 chapters. Monterrey UBF and IPN UBF travelled 12 hours and 8 hours by bus to participate in the conference. Above all, each chapter served every program with stewardship. By the consideration of Msn. Timothy Rhee, each chapter took part in messages, life testimonies, presiders, representative prayer servants, group Bible study leader, special song, orchestra, theater, pantomime, dance and worship. From Tepic UBF, Msn. Josué Bae gave the announcement and prayer topics, served representative prayer and special song. Also Sh. Raúl served morning devotion message and shepherd-candidate José Antonio presided and shared life testimony. And Sh. Ester was group Bible study leader. It´s easy for small chapters to be marginalized in a big meeting but in this conference, every chapter worked together and had a graceful fellowship.

Third, I could see the growth of 2nd Gen missionaries. There were 15 2nd Gen missionaries in the conference. Especially, I received much grace and was challenged by S. John Rhee, the son of Msn. Timothy Rhee of Guadalajara, who served many things faithfully. He coordinated well all programs. Also he served message, orchestra and announcements. Through him, I thank God for granting me vision to see the succession of God’s great work through 2nd Gen missionaries. Also 2nd Gen Msn. Goheun Rhee served faithfully special song and orchestra, working behind stage as oil for the progress of the conference. Hannah Choi (IPN) served violin solo and duet as well as orchestra giving good influence. Samuel Choi (IPN) served orchestra and Kiwon Kim (Zapopan) played keyboard. Pablo Kim and Mateo Choi (Monterrey) received much applause because they played piano so well even though they are very young.  I pray that God may establish many second generation missionaries who are devoted for the Lord and gospel.

Fourth, we had happy fellowship in God. We enjoyed different activities such as soccer, ping-pong, recreation time, camp fire and basketball. The united team from Monterrey, Tepic and IPN UBF won 5:3 against the united team of Guadalajara and Zapopan. The sheep could enjoy fellowship among them and male missionaries had ping-pong fellowship. Msn. Bernabe Kim won against Msn. Bernabe Choi dramatically. Second Gen missionaries had their own fellowship through basketball, soccer and camp fire. Pablo Kim (Monterrey) decided to attend the next conference in Guadalajara. The camp fire time was wonderful and many missionaries, shepherds, sheep and Second Gens danced and sang.

Fifth, there were much joy and grace. There were abundant word and food in this conference. We were very happy by the repentance and forgiveness through messages and happier when we ate much food. Also we had individual bathroom and bed in each room. Many people were full of joy and grace through this.

Sixth, I learned the passion of shepherdesses in Guadalajara. Many shepherdesses shared their graceful life testimonies. They led sing inspiration, recreation time and group Bible study, and cheered passionately in soccer games. I saw vision that the gospel work and discipleship ministry in Guadalajara will be grown greatly through passionate shepherdesses. I thank our precious missionaries Timothy and Hannah Rhee who served the conference ministry so sacrificially. I pray God may grant them daily good health and word of God to serve Mexico and Latin American mission. I pray God may bless the one to one ministry and disciple making ministry of Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tepic, Monterrey and IPN UBF.

Report by Msn. Bernabe Choi (IPN UBF)