Yeketerinburg Spring Conf. Report, Russia

by WMD   05-28-2011   0 reads

Yekaterinburg and Parum UBF had a joint spring conference. God blessed our spring conference. All Russian shepherds prepared messages wholeheartedly and preached them with God’s grace and Spirit. God used 6 messengers as follows:


Opening message- Sh. Pabel, “Jesus, the good shepherd”.

Lecture 1 - Sh. Mark, “Be born again.”

Morning message – Shs. Ryuba, “Do you want to get well?”

Lecture 2 – Sh. Ilya, “God’s gift, Jesus”

Lecture 3 – Sh. John, “It is finished”. 

Lecture 4 -  Sh. Timothy, “He has risen.”

Based on 2 main messages, we wrote testimonies and received much grace from God’s words.


Especially, this time God blessed us to have the conference with Perum chapter. Brother Stephen who is from Perum chapter attended this conference and received much grace. Also, M. Andrew and M. Grace who are pioneering Perum chapter received comfort and strength through this conference.  After the conference, we had a supplementary conference and God sent many Bible students. Thank you for your prayer and love.


From Yekaterinburg,

M. David Lee