Dr. Joseph and Maria Ahn's special lecture at Anam2 UBF, Korea

by WMD   07-04-2011   0 reads

M. Joseph and Maria Ahn gave a short lecture then had a round table talk around 2 hours with the shepherds of Anam 2 UBF with the theme, "Spiritual secod generation education" on June17, 2011.

They testified that when they first loved God more than their children, when they loved their children more than themselves, and God surely took care of their children and richly blessed them.   

It was graceful and challeging to all the attendees who are raising children because it came from their long experiences to raise their children in Jesus Christ as missionaries. After finishing it, one shepherd from Anam2 confessed that the lecture gave him a clear new direction to renew himself to first love God more than his children, and to raise his children in Christ.

AnAm 2
Samuel Sohn