Moscow UBF News and Conf. Prayer Topics

by WMD   07-18-2011   0 reads

Thank God that I could hear good news from both M. Peter K. in Kiev and M. Peter K. in Moscow about the upcoming wedding. I pray that God may bless the wedding between Ppabel and Daria that will be officiated by M. David L. and also bless all the attendees with abundant grace.

I am very thankful to God and glad to share that I got a job at KP C. At the end of June, M. Luke H., who heard it from M. Peter K. in Moscow, informed me of the local hiring news that was just released from the company. I submitted my resume immediately and got an interview. Soon after, around the first week of July, I received a notice that I was hired directly by the KP C’s headquarter in Korea. It was possible only by the grace of God and through all our co-workers’ prayer support. Afterward, I went to an orientation and began to work officially from Monday of this week. I pray that I may deeply learn about international trade and related petrochemical parts and products. Also, please pray for me to have a good relationship with present CIS buyers in Russia. I am very thankful for God’s good guidance in everything. Please pray for me to be alert spiritually every day, day and night, and grow in deep spirituality through relying on the Lord and resembling him.

Moscow UBF is going to have a Summer Leaders’ Bible Conference from August 12-14 with the title, "Spiritual Awakening (Spiritual Revival).” The followings are messengers:

Lecture 1:  “His Steadfast Love Toward Us" (John 21) by M. Banaba
Lecture 2: "Let's Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem" (Nehemiah 1-3) by Alexey Belykh
Lecture 3: "Nehemiah's Responsibility” (Nehemiah 4-7) by Alexey Russanov
Lecture 4: "Spiritual Awakening” (Nehemiah 8-13) by Konstantin K.

I pray that the Holy Spirit may bless our Summer Bible Conference abundantly and make us new.  I pray that the Holy Spirit may graciously use each one of us for the salvation work of campus souls and the work of spiritual reconstruction like St. Peter and the prophet Nehemiah in the Bible.

From Moscow,
M. Stephen K.