M. Hannah Kim's (Ecuador) Surgery Update and Prayer Topics

by WMD   07-22-2011   0 reads

Hello. This is M. Hannah Kim from Ecuador. By the grace of God I had a successful surgery. Anemia was the problem, but now it has been restored to normal. Currently I am studying the word of God at Kyung Seong UBF in Korea and being served a lot by many co-workers there. Thank you for your prayer and financial support.

I am going to return to Ecuador on July 26. Please pray for me to serve the Ecuadorian sheep well with prayer and love.

Our prayer topics are:

1. M. Andrew Kim’s study of Luke’s gospel, his health, and victory in his job.

2. For one Abraham and 12 disciples, especially pray for sisters Luisa (Med 3), Lady (Construction 3), and Lizbeth (Med 2) to live as shepherds.

3. Brothers Juwang Kim (freshman in high school), Esttel Kim (3rd grade in junior high school), and Andrew Kim (7th grade in elementary school) to meet Jesus personally and live as shepherds for Latin American souls.

4. M. Hannah Kim’s rehabilitation and self-support (via her own business).

I pray that God may give you all a good health.

M. Hannah Kim