Beautiful Wedding between Pavel and Dasha, Yekaterinburg

by WMD   07-22-2011   0 reads


I thank and praise God and am very grateful that God established the fifth family here in Yekaterinburg. We are always full of transgressions, but thankfully, God reveals his glory through us. Also, I thank God for all your prayer support. I especially deeply appreciate the prayer support of Dr. John Jun and Chicago co-workers.

The bridegroom, Pavel lost his mom due to an illness while he was a little baby. Because of this, he suffered from loneliness and feared death. He was a slave to sin. However, through Bible studies during his college life, he came to know the truth through our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose again from the dead and who forgives all our sins. He came to enjoy real freedom which comes from the forgiveness of sins. He graduated from Ural Engineering and is currently working at a construction site and living a life of a shepherd of God's flock.

The bride, Dasha also lost her mom to an illness while she was in college, so she became very sorrowful. She looked for the meaning of life in many things of this world, but only despaired. However, she found true love in Jesus. And after receiving the forgiveness of sins from Jesus, she became a precious princess of God and a shepherd as well for God's flock. She graduated from Ural National Astronomy Graduate School and got a Master's degree.

I really thank all of you for your love and prayers for them. Please continue to pray for them to be a source of blessing for Russia.

M. David L.