Mission Report Update (Central Asia)

by WMD   07-23-2011   0 reads

During this long summer break, we made a decision to offer our 5 loaves and 2 fish to God. We decided to help students to improve their English and Korean language skills, not only the countryside students who only go through hard labor, but also the inner city students who are wasting precious time without any purpose. With this plan, we prayed from this spring for English teachers. Surprisingly, God answered our prayer by sending two second generations, M. K. and M. L. I really thank God for his answer and abundant blessing on our plan and prayer.

Around 14 to 15 students are faithfully attending this program. They are all enjoying it and are thankful for it. We’d like to have this program evey year. Meanwhile, the students looked very happy when they wore the Taekwondo uniforms imported from Korea for the first time and learned from a native Taekwondo master. I hope that we may promote Taekwondo to many more students.

Last year, we signed up for the student exchange agreement with H. University. Two students are going to go as exchange students on August 23. It will be a good opportunity for them not only to learn the Korean language and culture, but also to establish a good relationship with the UBF people in G. while they are staying there for one year. We have a long-term plan to send 5-6 exchange students to J. University or H. University every year. It requires more than $10,000 every year. Encouragingly, even brother J., who received a Korea national scholarship, went to Korea with his 3 children to study abroad and is helping to raise funds. I am so thankful for that and I want to ask for your prayer support for the necessary funds.

From the spring, we have been praying for one more classroom for a Korean language class. God answered our prayer again and it was given to us by the school a week ago right next to the classroom we are currently using. More thankfully, the teacher, Mr. C., is supposed to come to us soon in September as a professor. We also received a notice that C. University decided to send 20 students and 2 professors to have a Korean language camp with 60 students from 3 local colleges here in OS from July.

Nowadays, even the city alleys here in OS are being newly paved with asphalt. Actually, the parks and roads of this city have been abandoned for about 20 years since OS was freed from the former S.U. But now this city is beginning to rebuild and remodel them one by one and is newly arising. Through this I could see a vision for this city and pray for this city to be born again spiritually as well.

Thank you,
I. from OS