Moscow UBF Summer Bible Conference Prayer Topics

by WMD   08-11-2011   0 reads

MoscowUBF is going to have a Summer Leaders’ Bible Conference from August 12-14 with the title, "Spiritual Awakening (Spiritual Revival).” The following are the messengers:

Lecture1: “His Steadfast Love Toward Us" (John 21) by M. Barnabas
Lecture2: "Let's Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem" (Nehemiah 1-3) by Alexey B.
Lecture3: "Nehemiah's Responsibility” (Nehemiah 4-7) by Alexey R.
Lecture4: "Spiritual Awakening” (Nehemiah 8-13) by Konstantin K.

I pray that the Holy Spirit may bless our Summer Bible Conference abundantly and make us new.  I pray that the Holy Spirit may graciously use each one of us for the salvation work of campus souls and the work of spiritual reconstruction like St. Peter and the prophet Nehemiah in the Bible.