Guadalajara UBF Summer Conference Report 2011, Mexico

by WMD   10-07-2011   0 reads

Guadalajara UBF had their Summer Bible Conference on September 15-18. The title of this conference was “Repent and Believe in the Gospel” based on Mark 1:15. The total number of attendees was 58, including 24 Bible students. Some people had difficulties in attending because that Friday was a holiday and they had to work on Saturday. In spite of the small number, we received many blessings through the messages. Through the testimonies written by the Bible students, we were moved to see how they received the gospel with sincere hearts. Leaders shared very moving testimonies by confessing their sins and making a clear decision to serve God’s work.

This time around, the new leadership teams, David and Daniela, served the messages and Bible studies. Leaders from the David team have been serving messages at the Wednesday Academies, so they were well prepared to write and deliver the messages. Leaders from the Daniela team delivered their messages for the first time and served the group Bible studies. They exerted great effort in praying and preparing each passage. In this way, all the messages were powerful and full of grace.

Mexico celebrates its Independence Day on the night of September 15, and the 16th is a national holiday. So at this conference, we held a Mexican night on the 16th to celebrate Independence Day. We had a message based on Exodus 19, and the fellowship directors prepared a video on the independence of Mexico with a message that true liberty is in the gospel, not in political or social status, and with the vision, “Mexico, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” There was also a Mexican dance prepared by leaders and Bible students, and the orchestra also performed some Mexican music.

On Saturday night we had a festival. During the conference, each Bible study group prepared a presentation for the festival. Then, some leaders and Bible students presented a modern dance especially prepared for the festival and a small play based on the biography of the English missionary, William Carey. We closed the festival with a campfire and by singing songs guided by the worship team members.

We pray that Abraham, Ailed, Balam, Cindy, Claudia, David, Edilberto, Eréndira, Eunice, Fabiola, Felipe, Gonzalo, Isaías, Jonathan, Karen, Leidy, Leo, Luis, Rebeca, and Reina who attended the conference may grow in gospel faith. We pray that they may keep studying the Bible with their Bible teachers and may be established as disciples. We also pray that the leaders may hold on to one word from the conference to serve the gospel work on the University of Guadalajara campus and have victory this fall semester.

In Christ,
John Rhee
Guadalajara UBF