A new job for Dr. Peter Kim, Kiev

by WMD   10-25-2011   0 reads

Thank God for his mercy and grace on even the least of his servants. By the grace of God, I got a good stable job at a Korean export company.  I began to work as the general director of this company in Ukraine (http://www.keysu.kr/) starting from this week. This company is just the one I was praying to find, and God answered exactly on time.

I closed my own business due to high risk and an unstable income after the 2008 financial crisis. I thank you very much for your wholehearted prayer and support for my family and me. I always feel that I am a great debtor to you because of your prayer and one-sided love for this sinner. I pray to God that Jonathan can work with me in this company soon. I also pray to establish a good business network through this company in the CIS, Eastern Europe, and even the Middle East.

Also, M. Mark is going to Korea for a job interview with the company Happy Dream. We pray that God may grant him a good job and position in this company. We pray also for M. Hanna that God would grant her a good job in Samsung Electronics.

Thank you very much.

Jesus is the Answer!!!

M. Peter Kim