2012 El Salvador UBF Easter Conference Report

by WMD   04-25-2012   0 reads

We thank God who sent our Lord Jesus Christ to die in our place to save us from sin and death. We also thank God for the Easter Conferences throughout the world. We pray that God may help us to serve him with all our heart.

We began our conference on April 6th with the message from Mark 12:28-34. “Love the Lord Your God, with All Your Heart” by Shep. Juan Carlos. Through this word we learned that we must love God 100%. The afternoon message was from Matthew 15:21-28, “Oh Woman, Great is your Faith” given by C. Edwin. We were moved by the marvelous faith of the Syrophoenician woman.

We wanted to have our conference in the UBF center because of the difficult economic situation and also because of the sheep having to receive permission from their parents.

We thought that the sheep would not have difficulties to attend.  However, on this first day the sheep did not come.  We found that some sheep couldn’t come because of transportation problems. Knowing this, God prepared for us a car from the company where I work so that the following day, Saturday, we could bring 4 people even though they live a little far away.

By the grace of God, 17 people attended. On Saturday the first message was from Luke 5:1-11, “You Will Be Fishers of Men,” which gave the hope and desire that the shepherds may grow as fishers of men. The second message was from Luke 15:11-37, “The Prodigal Son”, given by Shep. Aida. She gave the message with all her heart; we were moved by our loving Father God who always waits for us with arms open wide. The third message was the main lecture based on John 19, “It is Finished”, given by M. Daniel. In spite of the difficulty M Daniel with Spanish language, we were moved greatly by his message because he was very expressive and showed the love of Jesus for us sinners. Thanks to our Lord Jesus who fulfilled all prophecy to give us freedom in his name. The following day, we finished we finished the conference with a group Bible study and the final message from John 21:1-25, “Do you Love Me?” by M. Raul. The main theme of this conference was the love of Jesus toward us expressed in different ways, because we thought if we recognized the love of our Lord Jesus we can be faithful to him forever.

The shepherds and shepherd candidates participated faithfully. Among the sheep, Carlos, Ada, Magali and Andrea came. We ask your prayer for the shepherds to be firm and that the candidates Alex, Erwin, and Norma to overcome the difficult family situations that often hinder their desire to follow God’s will.

In Christ,
Msn. Isidro, El Salvador UBF