Tepic UBF, Mexico Report and Graduation Testimony by M. Josué Bae

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Tepic UBF, Mexico Report

“’We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,’ they answered.‘Bring them here to me,’ he said.” (Matthew 14:17-18)

In autumn of 1999, I came to Mexico with Ester and my daughters, Victoria and Paulina (Deborah was born in Mexico). When I arrived in Mexico, I had neither money nor a visa. Trusting in God, however, I started looking for a job, and soon, God granted me a job in a uniform factory through which I also obtained a visa. From that time until 2007, I’ve had to change jobs four times – from a pattern cutter in a clothing factory, to a manager in a clothing shop, to an interpreter in a company, to a Spanish teacher for Koreans, and finally, to a SaAm acupuncture teacher. Through this job struggle, God taught me faith. Every time I needed to leave a job, I didn’t have any plan. But each time I could see that God already had a job prepared for me. Through repeatedly experiencing God’s help, I learned to have faith that God is with me and that he guides and helps me.

Once I had learned a little faith, God opened the door for me to pioneer the University of Nayarit (UAN) in Tepic, which lies two hours away from Guadalajara. Daniel had given me the direction to study medicine since I already practiced acupuncture. The exam was a month and a half away. I told Ester that I would take the exam next year since there was very little time to study for the exam. But she replied, “That isn’t faith.” I repented and started to study. The score required for admission was about 650 points. Some people told me that they had tried three times, but still hadn’t gained admission to medical school. But we prayed that God would give me more than 700 points so that only God’s name would be glorified. When I finished the exam, the computer monitor showed a score of 702. Seeing this, tears fell from my eyes. God heard our prayer, answered our prayer, and allowed me to enter medical school with this score.

The truth is, however, when I was about to take the exam, I was worried. I thought, “Even if I pass, how can I study medicine, serve God’s work, and work to support my family all at the same time?” It was then God gave me Matthew 14:17-18. “’We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,’ they answered.‘Bring them here to me,’ he said.” The work that I had to do was great and difficult. And I was like five loaves and two fish for 5000 men. I felt powerless to overcome all the work I needed to do. But Jesus said to me, “Bring them here to me.” So, trusting in Jesus, I decided to do as much as I could and leave the rest in Jesus’ hands. When I trusted in Jesus like this, I had peace in my heart. When I studied, I didn’t worry over it. I could concentrate on studying when I needed to study and forget about it completely when I was writing the message and working.

The seventh semester, however, was like hell. We had to take cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, hematology, and pulmonology. In the last two weeks of final exams, the majority of my classmates couldn’t continue studying because of the stress. But when I put my trust in Jesus, I could study to the last moment. Finally, Jesus gave me the victory over my medical studies. Though I had studied medicine while serving God’s work and working, I graduated among the top of my class. Also, Jesus received our five loaves and two fish in the ministry and established Raúl, who loves Jesus with all his heart and has a simple heart, pure and faithful for Jesus. And during those four years, Jesus gave me the money to support my family. We never lacked money for our needs.

I praise Jesus who allowed me to experience the power of his word in my life. I praise Jesus who performed the miracle of five loaves and two fish in my life. To finish my medical studies, I still have one year of internship and one year of social service. In particular, I heard that the internship is the most difficult part of a medical career. But Jesus who has helped me in these past four years will help me in the internship as well, and he will give me the victory for his glory.

Currently, my family and Raúl are serving the Sunday service. Raúl just finished dental studies in the UAN. He once had lived in darkness. He lived in sorrow and depression because of the death of his mother and of one of his siblings, and he was full of rebellion towards his harsh father. He drank alcohol and committed sins of adultery. He suffered from low self-esteem and insecurity within himself, and he failed a year of clinical practice. Yet through the study of John’s gospel, Raúl came to know Jesus, the good shepherd, who knows and loves him. He accepted the love and forgiveness of Jesus, and his life was dramatically changed. His heart was full of joy and love. He could forgive his father. He left his sins and bad habits of the past and was able to complete a year of clinical practice. His family and classmates were amazed at his change. He received 1 Peter 2:9 as his life’s key verse and decided to dedicate himself to preaching the gospel of Jesus. He had to complete his social service in a village situated an hour and a half from Tepic. On weekends, Raúl’s family and friends would invite him out to eat. Yet he never missed Sunday service and served as presider. Upon finishing his studies, his older brother, who is a physician and lives in another state, invited him to work in his hospital. In that city, his brother could help him and he could easily get a job and have more opportunities to further his profession. But he made the decision to stay in Tepic to follow Jesus and serve the gospel ministry. We are praying that God would grant him a suitable job so that he can support himself in Tepic.

Prayer topics:

1. God may help M. Josué with message writing during his internship.

2. God may give Raúl a suitable job soon to co-work in the ministry.

3. Ester may serve one-to-one Bible studies diligently.

4. Karen may make a decision to follow Jesus.

Reported by M. Josué Bae