Uruguay UBF Christmas Report

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Uruguay UBF 

January 23, 2013
God blessed our 2012 Christmas worship service which was held on Dec. 16. We worshiped the Baby Jesus based on Isaiah 9:1-7. Praise God who blessed our 5 loaves and 2 fish prayers.
God sent his One and Only Son, Jesus, to a despised land, Galilee, and used the place as an important stage for the glorious gospel ministry. Jesus called an ordinary fisherman, Simon Peter, by the Sea of Galilee. His life could have been nothing but a common fisherman, but Jesus loved and cared for him until he became a great disciple and teacher of mankind. The Lord Jesus came as the great light to shine on the land of the shadow of death to save us from the power of sin and fear and to lead us to the life of light.
M. Jose Park delivered the Christmas message from Isaiah 9:1-7 on Baby Jesus, the Prince of Peace. M. Rebekah and Brother Sebastian sang a special song, “For Unto Us a Child Is Born” beautifully and it moved our hearts. Brothers and sisters shared their Christmas poems, graceful praises on the cross of Jesus, and 10 thanksgiving topics which warmed our hearts with peace and grace.
Brother Marco Sebastian invited 90 people by posting a cute invitation card on Facebook. Among them, one girl student from his college attended the service.
In 2012, the USA, China, Korea and Japan changed their leaders. Their governments have a limitation, but Jesus rules us with justice and peace forever. May the Prince of Peace, Jesus, rule us in 2013. May the kingdom of God and peace come through Jesus in 233 nations.
By M. Jose & Rebekah Park, Uruguay UBF