Podil UBF New Bible House Opening

by WMD   02-27-2013   0 reads

Podil UBF, Ukraine

February 27, 2013

Dear coworkers in Christ,

Praise God who abundantly blessed the Podil Bible house on Sunday, February 24.  The message was based on our Podil UBF key verse Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Eleven guests came—4 from Chicago, 5 from Moscow and 2 from Odessa.  We thank God for their sacrifice of time and resources to join our opening.  Most notably, Roxanne and Brenda Wright College UBF, spent their time here cleaning the Bible house and cooking a lot of food for the dinner Sunday night.  Also, an orthodox priest, Father Nikolai, came to offer the benediction prayer at the end.  He and Pam are working for the poor and homeless Ukrainian people by giving them food and shelter.  Some young Ukrainian students from our English Club also came.   A total of 36 people came.  Since our center is not so big we were worried we would not have room for everyone, but God sent just enough people so everyone could sit in the hall comfortably.  Also, we had ordered chairs for the meeting at 3 pm and we were worried they would not come in time.  The company we ordered from promised they would bring them between 9 am and  3pm.  God sent the chairs on time at 2:50 pm and we could all sit comfortably.   Olena, Kyiv UBF, and Amy, Wright College, sang special songs.  Ulia shared her testimony and played a flute solo. We praised God who worked everything out for his good purpose.  We thank God for our coworkers around the world who have been praying for this opening and God’s work here so earnestly.

In Christ,

By John Peace