Peru UBF Easter Conference

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Peru UBF

April 13, 2013

God blessed our Easter conference in Peru. We held Easter Conference from March 29 - 31. The title of the conference was “La Victoria de Cristo” (the Victory of Christ). God granted us a beautiful place named “Finca Bautista” (Baptist country house). In this place there is a river and a big green field. This was a natural place far away from the noise of the city of Lima. The environment was so good to receive the word of God.

We thank God because He raised five Peruvian messengers. We had 5 lectures: based on John 3, “We Must be Born Again” by Kelly; John 4, “Jesus the Living Water” by Ana; Mark 15, “Eli, eli lama sabactani?” by Victor; John 13, “Wash One Another’s Feet” by Fiorella and Mark 16, “Jesus Has Risen” by Cesar. They are growing as Peruvian spiritual leaders. All of them shared their sincere life testimonies as well. Also Caty shared her life testimony with tears. Other brothers and sisters that participated were Daniel, Christian, Carlos, Tatiana, Flor, Isabel, Esteban, Eugenia and Efrain. In total 15 people participated. For special programs we performed drama, dance and several Christian songs to praise our God who gave victory in Jesus Christ. We thank God for forgiving our sins and giving us new hope through his crucifixion and resurrection.

After the conference we are studying 1 Corinthians 15 in 3 lectures during 3 Sunday worship services. While we are studying 1 Corinthians, we are memorizing all of 1 Corinthians 15. Through memorization we pray to affirm our resurrection faith to announce the victory of Christ to God’s sheep.

Thank you again for all your prayers.

May God bless you!

In Christ,