Perm (Russia) CME Report

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Perm UBF, Russia
May 24, 2013

Dr. John Jun, and David and Rebekah Lee traveled together from Yekaterinburg to Perm by train. It took five and a half hours. When the train passed through the Ural Mountains, I expected beautiful high mountains. But they were more like hills with many pine trees. On the train, they served us a fine lunch.

Perm is like Yekaterinburg, a very industrial city because of abundant natural resources in the Ural Mountains. Because of gasoline production, the population grew to one million. There is a big river in the middle of the city which flows to the Black and Mediterranean Seas. M. Andrew and Grace Man with four children are pioneering Perm. They came to this city two years ago from Yekaterinburg. There are several colleges in this city. Among them, Perm College is famous as an Engineering school. The Man's family invites students from PES (Perm Engineer School). 

M. Grace Man is teaching Korean at PES. M. Andrew Man opened a Korean language school near the school. M. Andrew and Grace Man go to the school and invite students to one to one Bible study. M. Grace Man studies with Lena and she comes to SWS faithfully. M. Andrew also takes care of four students and two of them are coming SWS. Their first and second sons, Andrew (17) and Daniel (16) became their co-workers and support their ministry. 

While I was there, I studied Ephesians one and two and delivered Ephesians 5:16-24. We shared testimonies after Bible study. They made a decision again to raise the disciples of Jesus among PES students.
Their prayer topics are:
  1. M. Andrew Man's Sunday messages;
  2. Raise one man and one woman of God;
  3. Self-support;
  4. International Summer Bible Conference.


By Dr. J. J.