Prayer Request for CIS Directors Conference

by WMD   07-18-2013   0 reads


July 18, 2013

Early next year, we are going to have the CIS director’s Conference and the pilgrimage in Israel. Regarding this matter, I urgently ask you for your prayer support. M. J. S., who is in Israel, sent us his urgent prayer topics. Until now, we have been talking about the conference place, the exact date, the conference fee, and the pilgrim journey etc. However, Satan who got a sense that the conference and pilgrimage would be great works of God, and began to disturb our plan. Please pray for us to have the best place, schedule, and conference fee so that all the attendants may receive God’s grace through this conference and the pilgrimage.

Now, Sh. I, who is the wife of native sh. J, and their son David (6 years old) are in Korea for surgery. Through having a tonsil biopsy, MRI, and CT, they realized that it was not cancer. Still, tomorrow morning the boy will have surgery at the Hanyang University Hospital in Seoul.  Please pray for him as well.

Thank you.

M. D.B.