Irkutsk CME Report

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Irkutsk UBF, Russia

October 7, 2013

Right after Johannes Chang's wedding I went to Irkutsk for CME. It was still early winter; the temperature was around -5˚ or -7˚ C (20˚ or 23˚ F.) and it is even snowing there. Irkutsk is the capital city of Oblast, Russia and one of the largest cities in east Siberia. Built in 1661, it has been known for its beautiful lake Baikal, which is near the city, a population of around six hundred thousand.

UBF missionaries went there about 20 years ago as Korean language teachers. The director of Irkutsk UBF, M. Andeas Han, came here 15 years ago and established a house church with Rebecca, a Russian shepherdess. They could not have children for 7 years and so adopted Russian twins (a son and a daughter), with the expectation of raising two faithful Russian Shepherds. Currently, M. Andreas Han is the director of a travel agency.

Sasha is the Abraham of Irkutsk UBF and a fruitful shepherd. He established the first Russian
house church with Shs. Lyudmila, though, they also had no children for 7 years. Recently, however, his wife became pregnant by the grace of God.
We studied Ephesians (3 lectures) and Galatians 5:16-26 with missionaries and Russian leaders (5 people) with grace, and shared testimony. Sh. Sasha clearly renewed God’s calling as a Russian campus shepherd and made up his mind to feed campus young souls and be a disciple maker. Shs. Lyudmila was moved by the saving grace in the blood of Jesus and repented of her sins and she also made a decision to feed young souls.

M. Andreas Han gave following prayer topics:
1) For powerful and graceful messages by M. Andreas Han and Sh. Sasha,
2) For 1 to 1 Bible study and disciple making ministry at Irkutsk National Technical University,
3) For the new Bible house construction on UBF land near the university,
4) For the next CME in Moscow Chapter I & II

By Dr. John Jun