Perm UBF (CIS) New Direction for 2014

by WMD   03-23-2014   0 reads

Perm UBF, Russia
March 23, 2014

In 2013 our main prayer topics were to establish self-supporting ministry and serve the Sunday messages faithfully and obtain many new sheep. Thank and praise God that the Lord himself heard all our prayers and struggles!

When I look back on 2013, however, I cannot but repent that I gave my heart to many worldly things like money, autos, and internet searching, etc. The year 2014 is the fourth year since we started pioneering in Perm. I pray that I may be possessed only by the words of God and press on toward the goal.

2014 Prayer Topics:

1. Sister Lena, brother Jemma’s spiritual growth and attending the Moscow Int’l SBC
2. Graceful Russian Sunday message every week
3. Continuous challenge of campus mission and to have 12 one to ones
4. To bear my job well