M. Lydia Kim’s Thanksgiving & Prayer Topics, Moscow

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Moscow UBF, Russia
June 13, 2014

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” (Luke (:23)

1. Our first daughter, Lydia, graduated from a music college affiliated with Tchaikovsky National Music Academy with all “A”s and received a “Red Diploma” which is for excellent students only. I pray that God may mold her according to God’s will during her five years of graduate school so that she may be used as a good shepherd for many Russian campus souls.

2. Our second daughter, Monica, got admission to an art school (a Moscow branch of British Design School) as the youngest to openly pass through the high competition.

3. Our third daughter, Paulina, is not interested in study. Instead, she likes sports and dance. Both Paulina and our son Barnabas Jr. are in puberty. I pray that I may continue to study 1:1 with them every week and help them to set up their own life foundation on the words of God.

We are preparing for the upcoming CIS International Summer Bible Conference with many prayers so that we may newly see the vision for world mission and for Russia and CIS to be a priestly nation through this conference. Offering my prayers as five loaves and two fish, I keep having 1:1 Bible study faithfully with my children and praying to invite one sheep.

By M. Lydia Kim (Moscow), a debtor in God’s grace