The Second day of CIS Int’l SBC 2014 News

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August 23, 2014

We thank you so much for your prayer for CISBC 2014. The kingdom of God mightily comes and reigns in our hearts through the messengers and heart touching life testimonies and all other whole heartedly prepared music and programs. Here are some high lights for you to see and pray all the more.

Morning devotion: Rebecca Janel (Bishkek): “Neither Do I Condemn You” (Jn 8:1-11) She thanked God for Jesus who accepted a lost daughter like her by not condemning but forgiving. Jesus further gave her power to overcome sin. In Jesus she became a woman who proclaims Jesus’ forgiveness in Bishkek and CIS.

V. Point: “Forgiving Love of Jesus” Luke 23. He delivered his message shedding tears because of Jesus’ forgiving love on the cross. Only Jesus’ forgiving love can open the hostile hearts of Muslims. God has been using him and his house church in T country, opening the back door of Muslim mission.

Evening: Mgimo, Misis, Mgtu Bauman UBF Choir, “People Need the Lord”

Daniel Zhivaev (MGIMO) delivered the message of “Ministry of Reconciliation” based on 2 Cor. 5:17-20. Jesus reconciled us with God through his blood that has power. He now appointed us to do ministry of reconciliation between God and sinners and between hostile peoples.

Life Testimonies:
Samuel (Kiev): It began when his sister Axana brought him a Bible and UBF Sunday message. God used her tears and true love to help him to accept Jesus’ forgiving love and gave him the desire to glorify God as a new creation.

Andrew Shasha (Irkutsk): With Heb. 11:6, “without faith we can’t please God” he met Jesus. He now spends more than one hour for DB, filled with HP.

3 prayer mothers and one silver missionary’s shepherdology:
Sunji Jun, Anna Yang, Maria Ahn and Isaac Lim shared their precious life testimonies which we never heard in other places. Their meetings with the Lord and their lives used by the Lord were very glorious.

We heard Korea choir and Lydia (Moscow) violin solo "Danse Espagnole" by Manuel de Falla,

One more Life testimony:
Rebecca Levitskaya (Turkey): As a leper cleansed she was cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Her house church with Point was source of blessing for the lost souls.

We earnestly prayed for 8 CIS countries pioneering and NK, ME and China too.

From Moscow