RUDN UBF Pioneering News, Russia

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September 2, 2014

RUDN (People's Friendship University of Russia)

M. Andrej and Josephina Choi, a new pioneering missionary family from MISIS, Russia, CIS, were ordained on the last day of CIS ISBC 2014.

Key Verse: “Through him we received grace and apostleship to call all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith for his name’s sake.” (Ro. 1:5)

I am M. Andrej Choi and my co-worker is Joshepina Choi. We have two children, Daniel Choi in 9th grade and Pina Choi in 5th grade. Our family was called to Moscow in 1996. However, we began to participate in MISIS pioneering ministry since 2009. At that time God sent one sister Irina to me again and restored our relationship. Actually she first came to UBF in 2002. We resumed one to one and God helped her to grow steadily. Now in 2014 thankfully God called our family again to pioneer RUDN (People's Friendship University of Russia) campus according to God’s will. This university has been known as the Ethnic Russian Friendship University and most students are Russian, though many foreign students are also studying here. We designated our sister Irina as a shepherdess for this campus. Through fishing ministry every week and group Bible study, I pray that we may invite many RUDN students and raise disciples of Jesus.

Prayer Topics:

  1. I pray that we may depend on God alone and serve the work of faith which is calling RUDN campus souls to the obedience that comes from faith
  2. I pray that I may deliver a living message through having ten message rehearsals every week
  3. I pray that sister Irina may serve one soul with the words of God
  4. I pray that God may raise one Abraham in RUDN