The CIS Int’l SBC 2014 Began on Thursday, Aug. 21

by WMD   08-25-2014   0 reads

Around 370 members came to the conference (Around 230 from 7 CIS nations, about 70 from US, Canada, Germany and Korea and around 70 CBF, MBF and HBF members). 9 Ukraine coworkers became a great source of encouragement to all by their faith that overcame the national conflicts. We saw the kingdom of God is nearly over the all the worldly kingdom.

The title of the conference is "CIS - The Kingdom of God!" M. Barry's greetings encouraged all to advance the kingdom of God through repentance and believing in Jesus in this conference. Alexey Belykh (Moscow director) gave the opening message titled, "The Lamb of God!" (Jn 1:29) Jesus opened the kingdom of God through becoming the Lamb of God! We must look at him and believe in him and the Kingdom of God will come to CIS! Rustam (Astana, Kazakhstan) delivered the message, "Great Father's Love"(LK 15:11-32) As the father rejoices with many prodigal sons who return to him in CIS, so the kingdom of God in CIS expands day by day through our participating in the Father’s redemptive work. Four people shared very honest and heart touching life testimonies (Ruthi Thompson, Akmaral, Zarema Esther and Botagoz) which softened all our hearts to come to God like the prodigal son, especially they helped many second generation missionaries to come to God as they are.

Please keep praying for the second day messengers:
Rebekah: Neither Do I Condemn You. (Jn. 8)
Vladmir Point: Jesus' Forgiving Love (Lk. 23)
Daniel (Mgimo): The Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5)
CBF, MBF and HBF are having separated conferences led by Catherin Han with many coworkers.