(SOUTH KOREA) God Blessed the Beautiful Wedding Between Joshua K.and Hanna L. on Oct. 21, 2023

by UBF HQ   11-15-2023   0 reads

by Caleb C.

Our gracious God permitted the wedding service of Joshua (Byeong-Yong) K. and Hannah L. at the Hanyang University Alumni Center at 11 a.m. on October 21st.
While serving this wedding service, several characteristics were different from other weddings before. This is through the various procedures and preparations that were thorough. Also the bride and groom worked together and prayed together in preparation for this wedding. We visited, greeted them, prayed for them, and prepared the wedding venue, wedding day preparations, and restaurant reservations.

The meal was very luxurious, neat, and delicious. No wedding in recent times has featured such delicious, gourmet food. It was not buffet-style but served as a window setting, and all the food on the plates was made with high-quality ingredients and tasted great. Two people prepared the return gift and packaged and placed it individually. Both the contents and packaging were pretty and full of care. The two arranged for the officiant to stay at a hotel in Myeong-dong, Seoul, the day before and arrive at the wedding hall by 11 o'clock. The hotel was located right in front of the Line 2 subway station entrance that goes to Hanyang University Station, and the room was a large room with two queen-sized beds. I chose a room with a good view, and on one side, I had a view towards Gwanghwamun; on the other, I had a view towards Namsan, so Myeongdong Cathedral and Namsan Daycare Center came into view.

After the groom met the bride, he fell in love with her within an hour. When he asked her why she was so smitten, she replied, 'The best bride is because she is very considerate.' I could see what that meant. The officiant preached from Genesis 12:2. He introduced the bride and groom, revealed God's blessings, and blessed them to live as a family that will become a source of blessings in the future. It was an ordinary and common officiating address, and even when I reread it later, there was nothing special about it. Still, I don't understand why the guests said it was 'a humorous, evangelical, and the best officiating address ever'. I would say this is because God wanted to bless this family and give them inspiration and joy even though it was ordinary and had no unique content. It was clear that this marriage was based on the persistent prayers of many of the Lord's servants. I was in the position of the banquet hall at the Cana wedding feast mentioned in the Gospel of John. The banquet leader did not pray like Mary, nor did the servants show obedience and devotion, but just enjoyed the taste of good wine. Likewise, I was blessed with the grace of being filled with joy and grace by officiating a wedding service, blessed by God without doing anything.

It was revealed through the wedding service that God listened to the prayers of the prayer servants who prayed for over ten years from all over the country and abroad for the late missionary Lee Yo-han's daughter, Hannah, and for this family to be established. We give thanks and praise for the grace of the Lord Jesus, who gives us grace and blesses us. Please forgive me for being late in reporting the wedding news. I was unable to prepare wedding photos because I was officiating the wedding, so I tried to share the news with photos (the original photos of the wedding have not been released yet).