(BOLIVIA-UPDATE) Daniela C. Went to Chile As a Missionary

by UBF HQ   09-27-2023   0 reads

by M. Esteban C.

Daniela C. tearfully shared her testimony as she embarked on her mission to Chile on September 10th. Accompanied by her two children, Mateo and Ana, Daniela reunited with her husband, M. Daniel C., who had arrived three months earlier. May God bless them to be a father and a mother of faith for many young Chileans.


by M. Esteban C.

Last Sunday, June 25, M. Daniel C. shared his life testimony, recounting how he was saved and changed from his sinful life through one-on-one Bible studies with his father, M. Esteban C. With gratitude and joy, he praised God for intervening in his life and granting him a meaningful opportunity to be a missionary in Chile through a job. Inspired by the biblical passage in Genesis 12:2-3, he wholeheartedly embraced his role as a father of many nations. He arrived safely in Chile and was welcomed by M. Josue and Hannah C. His wife and two children will join him in September.

His prayer topics are: 

  1. To live with the identity of the father of many nations, keeping his vision and hope

  2. May God take care of his family physically, mentally, and spiritually until they meet again in Chile

  3. To adapt well to the new environment in Chile (ministry, work, school, etc.)