(GERMANY) Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Frankfurt 3 UBF Had a Joint Spring Bible Conference from May 5-7, 2023

by UBF HQ   05-22-2023   0 reads

by Reiner S.

Pray Continually!

We thank God for blessing our joint Spring Bible Conference 2023, which took place in a Christian resort in Ott*erberg from May 5-7. The conference was prepared by a team of young coworkers from the four participating chapters, led by E*noch H*ung. The conference theme was “Pray continually”. Two of the messages were delivered by young coworkers. On Friday evening, H*ana preached on 1 Thessalonians 5:17, explaining why as Christians we should pray continually and how we can do this, and sharing her personal experience along with. On Saturday, W*esley spoke on thanking God under all circumstances based on Psalm 138 and confessed how his message preparation had helped him very personally. Ma*rija M*azan, who currently lives in Germany with her second son Dani*el, shared her life testimony confessing God as her good shepherd, which was greatly encouraging. On Sunday, T*oni spoke on Psalm 145 and encouraged us to praise God for many reasons. A special point of this conference was that we did not only learn about prayer “in theory” but practiced it as much as possible. Besides Bible studies, we had six-time slots for prayer in groups, personal prayer, and joint prayer as a church.

We prayed together for the four chapter directors, for Ma*rija and Dani*el, our brothers and sisters in Kiev, and for peace in Ukraine. When we prayed continually during the conference, the atmosphere became more and more joyful. Some coworkers even said that it was the best conference they ever had. I thank God for blessing the conference with his word and Holy Spirit beyond our expectations and for encouraging all attendees to pray for all matters continually, personally and with others, and to praise God in all circumstances.