(GUATEMALA) Many Shared Testimonies and Listened to the Word of God in Guatemala UBF's Easter Conference from April 7-9, 2023

by UBF HQ   04-18-2023   0 reads

by M. Edwar.

God blessed our Easter Conference through the Word of God from April 7 to 9. On Friday we studied Matthew 27:1-31. Saúl L. delivered a message in the passage followed by Maria Fernanda O.'s testimony. On Saturday, we studied Matthew 27:32-66. Belmar N. delivered the message "My God, my God" and Silvia S. shared a testimony about her struggle with faith. During Sunday service, Edwar T. delivered a message on Matthew 28:1-20 titled "He is risen" (28: 6). Some coworkers participated via google meet. Thank God for his blessing on the conference.

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