(SOUTH SUDAN) It is Finished- South Sudan UBF had Blessed Easter Bible Conference from April 7-9, 2023

by UBF HQ   04-17-2023   0 reads

by Padiet D.

It is Finished

UBF South Sudan conducted their Easter Bible conference on April 7-9, 2023 in their UBF Bible House.

Thanks and praise be to God for blessing the 2023 UBF South Sudan Easter Bible conference abundantly. God answered our prayers and sent many new sheep to participate in the conference. 48 adults and 25 children attended the conference. God blessed the conference with good weather and a spiritual environment. Padiet D. delivered an opening message with the powerful word of God from John 11: 1-44 under the title “I am the Resurrection and the Life." Rejoice M. delivered the main message # 1 from the book of John 19: 1- 16. We were moved by her dedication during the preparation of the message. In her message, she confessed that she was so shameful due to her sins, but Jesus, her king, took away her shame on the cross. Rejoice is growing as an influential shepherdess and mother of prayer.

On the second day, we had main message # 2 by George M., with the title “It Is Finished,” which is taken from John 19: 17-42. His graceful message helped us to reflect on the grace of Jesus who finished his mission in order to save and restore us to his kingdom. It also challenged us to imitate to walk in Jesus' footsteps to finish the mission Jesus assigned us to. During bible testimony writing and sharing, we confessed and repented our unfaithfulness in doing God's mission fully with all our hearts and soul. Each shepherd made a decision of faith and gave a prayer for a new beginning on the way to finishing God's mission. Two new sisters and three brothers accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord. They joyfully decided to join UBF ministry through 1:1 Bible study and SWS. Upon their request, UBF leaders encouraged and prayed for them in a special prayer meeting made for them.

On the third day, we celebrated Easter Sunday by listening to the message of resurrection and victory delivered by Deng A from John 20: 1-31 with the title “The Empty Tomb” which teaches us the meaning, and purpose that without resurrection faith we can’t be good witnesses of Jesus, and we will not be able to overcome difficulties. The message of risen Jesus fills our hearts with joy, peace, and hope. May the hope of resurrection remain in us that through it, we may be able to complete the task of the gospel that South Sudan could be changed to the kingdom of priests and a holy nation. During the conference sister Gloria M. took care of CBF, we thank God for her dedicated life in ministry she devoted herself to CBF since day one, although she still looking for a scholarship to study dentistry in near future, May almighty God open the way for her study.

Our prayer topics:

1. New students to commit themselves to 1:1 Bible study.
2. To have 100 1:1 Bible studies and SWS till the year 2032.
3. Young graduates to get a good job for self-supporting ministry as well as to establish HC.