(HQ-UPDATED) ISBC Prayer Topics / Pray for 12 Testimony-Sharers

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The 2023 International Summer Bible Conference is around the corner. Many co-workers have already arrived in Chicago from different countries and are on their journeys to go to the conference. May God bless all their trips to overcome any difficulties to arrive safely at the conference site and see the glory of Christ!
Our main prayer topics for the ISBC are:

  1. Through seeing Christ's glory, we may find healing, forgiveness, grace, and strength to fulfill our mission of preaching the gospel to all nations and raising disciples of Jesus Christ.
  2. To grow more and more deeply in the love of Christ, enabling us to work together across generations and cultures to carry out the Great Commission.
  3. Pray for young people to behold Christ's glory, catch God's vision for their lives, and commit to following Christ as His disciples. May a new generation of gospel workers be raised through this ISBC.
  4. To reach every nation and campus for Christ in this generation, particularly those places where UBF missionaries or shepherds are not present.

In addition, please see the continental prayer topics below and pray for our world mission ministry!



  • May Christ’s glory be revealed through the ISBC 2023
  • May many young people come and catch God’s glorious vision for their lives 
  • May our Faith, Spirit, and Vision be renewed 
  • Through us, may his Glory spread all over the world.
  • For the messengers to receive the life-giving words of God and be filled with the Holy Spirit 
  • For over 2,000 attendants– over 1,500 from North America


  • David Chang (Canada), Isaiah 6:1-8, Thursday evening 
  • Eberhard Gross (Germany), John 1:1-5,14, Friday main message  
  • John Fatoyinbo (Nigeria), Luke 5:17-26, Friday evening part-1
  • Josue Gutierrez (Panama), Luke 5:27-32, Friday evening part-2
  • Phillip Brown (USA–Wash.), John 19:16b-42, Saturday main message 
  • John Angam (India), Acts 9:1-22, Saturday evening part-1
  • Abraham Stas Yugay (Kazakhstan), Acts 9:1-22, Saturday evening part-2
  • William Larsen (USA–L.A.), Revelation 1:1-20, Sunday message 


  • Dr. Timothy Tennent (USA-President of Asbury Theological Seminary)


  • Moody (Qatar, Middle East)
  • John S*ejjemba (Uganda, Africa)
  • Boas C*hisha (Zambia, Africa)
  • Sarah M*acova (Czech, Europe)
  • Maria E*ugenia (Portugal, Europe)
  • Joice B*obadilla (Colombia, Latin America)
  • Dillon L*eal (Belize, Latin America)
  • David K*ang (Melbourne, Oceania)
  • Daniel H*o (Melbourne, Oceania)
  • Olesia S*milianska (O*dessa, CIS)
  • Deborah K*im Jr. (Mgimo, CIS)
  • Heonki K*im (HK, Asia)
  • U*uganayar (Mongolia, Asia)

To see more on Prayer Topics for ISBC you can visit the Prayer Room: https://isbc.ubf.org/hisglory2023/prayer_room