(USA) Prayer Topics from Msn. Daniel P. of San Diego UBF

by UBF HQ   03-27-2023   0 reads

by Daniel P.

M. Daniel & Pauline P. started a house church ministry in San Diego 8 years ago. They have been serving students at Mira Mar College & UCSD campus. God has blessed their ministry so far. Jesus has been a solid cornerstone and good shepherd for them.
The prayer topics of San Diego UBF are as follows:
1) M. Daniel P.: To deliver Sunday Worship Service messages full of the Holy Spirit (Mark’s gospel in 2023). May God give him strength and grace to take many crosses. (Ministry & Work)
2) M. Pauline P.: To have 2 hours of personal prayer time every day. To raise their son Daniel Jr. and Bible students by depending on the Holy Spirit.
3) Daniel P. Jr.: He is 14 years old. Please pray that he can have a deep relationship with God daily through prayer. He can meet Jesus as his Christ.
4) Miki: She feeds two sheep (Nick and Yuco) and keeps preaching the gospel to her husband. In God's time, she wants to go to Japan as a missionary.
5) Hee-ran: Please pray that she can grow up as Jesus' disciple.
6) Candice: Please pray that she can get married by faith and grow up as Jesus' disciple.
7) Jasmine: She is teaching the Bible to her family members. Please pray that she can be born again spiritually.
8) Sophie: Please pray that she can attend the worship service.
9) Marcelo and Nick, Su, Enyi, and Yuco. One-to-one Bible Study. May God work on them.