(JAPAN) Japan UBF had their 2023 Next Generation Conference with the Theme of "With Jesus", from March 18-19, 2023

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by Daniel J.

“With Jesus”

God greatly blessed the Japan UBF Next Generation Conference held from March 18-19. The unique feature of this conference was that the next generation prayed and discussed independently while deciding on all programs, schedules, and venues. Thirty-six members of the next generation (ages 18-32) and one missionary attended. The theme of the conference was “With Jesus,” to learn to live with Jesus, to discover oneself as a member of Christ, and to further strengthen intimacy and fellowship with the next generation as one body.

At the opening ceremony on the first day, Samuel J., who served as the leader of this conference, explained the process of holding the next-generation conference together with UBF history and Japanese UBF history. M. Daniel J., who came to encourage the conference, wrote letters to each of them and delivered them. In that letter, he shared the dream he saw with God, the dream of seeing each and every member of the next generation play an active role as global leaders who shine the light of Christ and exert a good influence in Japan and the world. After that, recreation and group Bible studies were held. In individual programs, they presented and discussed previously prepared content about sharing concerns about their religious life, singing and dancing, making Bible cards, serving in the church, and experiencing life as a shepherd.

On the second day, they had a morning prayer meeting and a Sunday worship service. The message was graciously witnessed by Takeshita H. under the title, “As a Part of Christ,” and the response was good, they received great grace as it was delivered. Takeshita became a shepherd but was not making it known to his family. However, as he prepared his message, he received grace and informed his family that he would marry his church life and faith. During the testimony presentation, all participants shared the grace of the Word and the grace received through the retreat. In the afternoon, after returning to Tokyo, they had fellowship as members of Christ through field trips and bowling competitions.

I pray that each and every member of the next generation will love each other as members who have become one body with Christ, grow into leaders in Japan and world missions, and be used by God.