(USA) The Korean UBF Director and World Mission Department Chairman visited Chicago from February 23-28, 2023

by UBF HQ   03-06-2023   0 reads

by John S.

P. Moses K., Korea UBF Director, and P. Caleb K., Korea World Mission Department Chairman, visited the headquarters in Chicago and had meaningful discussions with General Director P. Ron W. and other HQ leaders. They joined the NA Staff Conference that took place from February 23-25 and the Sunday Worship Service of Chicago UBF on February 26. They discussed the pastoral ordination for local leaders and the relief for the retired African missionaries. As a result, the HQ and Korea UBF leaders could agree on different issues of our UBF worldwide ministry.

On February 28, they visited DuPage UBF and prayed for their pioneering ministry. P. Moses K. and P. Caleb K. returned to Korea on March 1 after finishing a 1-week visit to Chicago. We praise God for the unity and co-working spirit between the North America UBF and the Korean UBF. May God continue to bless the leaders of our ministry to glorify God with one mind and one voice.