(LATIN AMERICA) M. David K. Gave An Encouraging Lecture to Central & South American Missionaries on February 9th, 2023

by UBF HQ   03-01-2023   0 reads

by Dr. Joseph A. 

On February 9th, M David K. (WMD chair) gave a special lecture, online and shared his life testimony to Central and South American missionaries in Latin America. His lecture was titled, "The Spirituality of the Cross". From this lecture, many coworkers were encouraged. It pointed to the grace of God on the cross of Jesus. Which saved us from our sins and sent us to share the gospel of Jesus as tentmaker missionaries. They gave thanks to God who enabled them to endure the pandemic and remain in their respective mission fields. Many Christian missionaries of other organizations returned to their home countries during the pandemic, but UBF missionaries stayed in their mission fields and continued to carry out the cross of the mission following Jesus' footsteps to the end.