(USA) Four Missionaries from Chicago UBF visited Kansas City, Sharing The Word of God and Having Fellowship

by UBF HQ   02-13-2023   0 reads

by Martin M.

Dr. Sam L., his wife Dr. Grace S. L., P. David W. and M. Mary C. visited Kansas City UBF to have fellowship with us. They attended a conference at the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where Dr. Grace S. L. recently got hired as a professor for biblical counseling. While they were here, P. David W. delivered a wonderful Sunday message based on Matthew 9:35-10:4. He summarized Jesus’ purposes in raising and training disciples. They are to be shepherds for God’s flock, harvest workers in God’s field, and spiritual soldiers with Jesus’ authority. He encouraged us with prayer. “May Jesus’ purpose in raising disciples be yours!” Dr. Grace S. L. gave a short lecture about third culture kids (TCK). Through the lecture, we could understand our children better. We cried out to God in prayer for our children.