(HQ-CME) HQ Continuing Missionary Education (CME) for Korean Missionaries in Latin America

by UBF HQ   02-08-2023   0 reads

by M. Noe J.

The 2023 HQ Continuing online education for Korean missionaries in Latin America is planned as follows:

1. Special lectures on Missiology, Spirituality of the cross, One-on-one campus evangelism, Discipleship, Self-supporting mission, Education for the second-generation, etc. (Third Monday of every month)

2. Bible studies on the Books of Hosea, Job, Nehemiah, etc. (Second Monday of every month)

3. Book discussions on Transcultural Leadership, Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Autobiography of M. Sarah B. and Dr. Samuel L., etc. (Fourth Monday of every month)

Please pray for the missionaries to be wonderful disciple-makers for Latin college students.