(TAIWAN) God is Doing A New Thing in Kaohsiung UBF

by UBF HQ   02-08-2023   0 reads

by Allison H.

From the very beginning stage of pioneering, we have a vision that "All nations come to us and we will go out to all nations". Taiwan is a stepping stone for World Campus Mission. Taiwan is a humble place but it is rising as a new City on a Hill for Asia. We have a very diverse ministry with many nations in our meetings. God is indeed doing new and great things. Students come and go, but when they meet Jesus, they will leave as gospel workers. We have already sent back Dr. Judy and Matthew as a light for India, Dr./Msn Becky as a blessing to Malaysia, and Chander M. as a blessing to Munich. God is extending our World Mission reach and we are very grateful for that. Our own Taiwanese shepherdesses, Dr. Yawen and Sarah are also pioneering the central part of Taiwan. We are now praying for Shepherdess Mandy to pioneer another city nearby. Although we are very small in number, by God's grace, we will extend to more campuses.

Right now, the urgent prayer is that Taiwan is under threat from China every day. If you pay attention to international news, you will surely know. We work hard because we know that it may be our last hour. The night is coming when no one can work. God has set the island apart for a great and noble purpose that is yet to see and I am glad to have my family being sent to work here. The field is ripe for harvest. I am encouraging those with a Ph.D. should try to find their way to Taiwan. There are plenty of teaching opportunities in many campuses. The government is encouraging universities to hire more professors, and high schools to hire more certified language teachers. It is a golden opportunity that none of our northern American and Korean coworkers should miss. Second-gen can come as student missionaries or as English teachers, and Ph.D. can come as professors. Please help me to spread the word.