(GUATEMALA) Dr. J*ose & M. M*aria Ahn with Their Grand Daughter A*nna M*arie Arrived Safely in Antigua

by UBF HQ   01-10-2023   0 reads

by M.J*ose A*hn

Dr. J*ose & M. M*aria A*hn with their granddaughter A*nna M*arie arrived safely in Antigua, Guatemala as short-term missionaries. Dr. J*ose delivered a Sunday message on Isaiah 43 at the Guatemala City chapter, and A*nna M*arie shared her life testimony in fluent Spanish. 8 other members’ shared graceful testimonies followed by a delicious lunch, then they went to their newly purchased house in Antigua. Dr. J*ose and M. M*aria are praying for 16 Caribbean countries to be pioneered using Antigua UBF led by M. J*osue and A*na H*am as a Hub center.