(CZECH REPUBLIC) Christmas Worship Service on December 18th, 2022

by UBF HQ   12-28-2022   0 reads

by H*annah

Czech UBF held a Christmas service on December 18, 2022. A*braham delivered a message based on Luke 2 with the title, “The Greatest Christmas Gift.” Looking back on this year, they thanked, praised, and rejoiced in the grace of God who sent the baby Jesus, the greatest gift to this earth as the Saviour. College students; D*aniel, H*onza, G*igi, M*artina, and E*liška-attended the service, which gave greater joy to our community. About 40 people attended the Christmas worship service, ate together, shared gifts, and rejoiced in the birth of baby Jesus. We thank and praise God for blessing our Christmas worship service.