(HQ) New Bible Study Book Has been Published (Discovering the Hidden Treasure in the Bible)

by UBF HQ   12-19-2022   0 reads

This is a Bible study method book written by UBF general director P. Ron Ward and Dr. Mark Yang. The title is “Discovering Hidden Treasure in the Bible" and the subtitle is "How to study the Bible inductively."

(Below are one of the parts of the contents)

"As we have studied the Bible, we realized that it is important to see each book of the Bible from a bird’s eye view. To do this, we have developed a process for making introductions.
1) We read the book aloud as a team from beginning to end. Sometimes we read it ten times, sometimes 20 times or more. 2) Then, we divide the book into paragraphs and give titles to each paragraph and write them down. We call this a “factual study.” 3) After the factual study, we develop an outline in order to see a bigger picture of the Bible book as a whole."

*Read more about the brief introduction in a pdf file: (English) (Korean)


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