(R*USSIA-UPDATE) Urgent Prayer Request for Pavel

by UBF HQ   04-10-2023   0 reads

By Maria, his wife


Pavel got better after receiving a blood transfusion and was discharged from the hospital. He was eating well and the inflammation treatment went well so they removed the lymphatic hose. It was a miracle. It feels like the dead Lazarus has been resurrected. This is the power of the amazing resurrection that the Lord has demonstrated after receiving worldwide prayers. He lost a lot of weight. Please continue to pray for his complete recovery without any complications. Thank you for your prayers!


While Pavel Z. was recovering from heart surgery, his body temperature suddenly rose to 40, his right arm went numb, and his speech became slurred. Doctors said these were symptoms of a minor stroke. This was probably caused by inflammation in the area that was sutured during surgery. Because of this, he had to undergo another surgery. The condition is still difficult, please pray that there will be no more side effects and that the nerves and blood vessels are well connected without blockage, and that the movement of the right arm and his language function may be fully restored. I pray that the Lord of life may have mercy on Pavel and heal him completely.


Pavel Z. underwent partial aortic dissection through open heart surgery on February 8th. Even though the doctors had been reluctant to perform the operation due to his instability, by God's grace, a renowned doctor took over the operation. However, since it was still too risky to do a full operation, he had partial surgery this time. He would have surgery again about a year later. Please pray for a speedy and complete recovery. As well, he has been unable to work due to illness (he is a school teacher) and is taking sick leave. He needs to extend his work contract in June. Pray for it as well. Thank you so much for praying for Pavel. The attached picture is of him before surgery.


Pavel will be admitted to the Russian National Research Center of Surgery on Monday, February 6. He will be operated on by one of the best aortic dissection surgeons in Russia. Doctors said Pavel may need multiple heart surgeries. In order to be hospitalized for surgery, he must first undergo all tests and be considered safe for surgery. Pavel should be able to endure the surgery. Please pray for his test results to be good so that he can receive heart surgery and be recovered soon.


Pavel was discharged on December 27 on the recommendation of his doctor. He needs to regain his energy quickly so that he can get surgery. He needs to sleep comfortably at home, eat healthy food, and walk carefully for his recovery. His current body temperature is 37.5 degrees, but if he has a sudden high fever or high blood pressure, he will have to go back to the hospital by ambulance. When the body recovers, an open heart surgery will be performed around January 20. During the first operation, aortic dissection was performed at one location (surgery performed through a blood vessel), but now another aortic dissection was found in another location, so an open heart surgery is required. Fortunately, while the first operation was in a very urgent situation, the second aortic dissection is less dangerous than the first one. Please pray the inflammation of P*avel's neck is cured, the aortic dissection does not progress anymore, and the body recovers to the stamina that can withstand the surgery.


Pavel's health condition is still not stable. Examination showed that the inflammatory process continued. He has to undergo a very complicated operation to open the heart and rearrange the blood vessels in the brain. However, doctors are afraid to operate right now because of the risk of infection to other parts during surgery. He still has high blood pressure and fever. He will have a CT scan next week. If there is no new aortic dissection, he will be sent home for treatment. If the inflammation is healed, he will have surgery in late January or late February. We pray that God gives the doctors wisdom, heals P*avel, and keeps the aorta from rupturing until the operation. Please continue to pray for him.


Pavel (R*ussia) is in critical condition. If the brain is left unattended, it can cause serious damage due to the lack of blood flow to the brain. He was supposed to have surgery on Monday, December 12, but it was moved due to some complications. He is currently very weak and has high blood pressure. His lungs are inflamed, and he keeps coughing. Since he has so little physical strength, the doctor said he may pass during the operation. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for him. P*avel is one of the five Sunday messengers of the Moscow Center, and he devoted himself to the Lord for nearly 30 years after establishing a house church with M*aria. Please pray that he will be healed by the Lord's mercy and stand up again to testify of the Lord's grace. Thank you.