(AUSTRALIA) M. H*annah Lee's Mother Monica YJ OK was Called to Heaven on Friday 14 October 2022

by UBF HQ   10-18-2022   0 reads

M H*annah Lee wrote:

"My mother Monica YJ OK was called by God to heaven and passed away on Friday 14, 2022, at age of 87. In her usual walking exercise in our front yard on Thursday 13th, she fell over and got a head injury and an ambulance carried her to the Canberra Hospital. The next day Friday morning, she passed away. During the 14 hours of being hospitalized, she looked comfortable and peaceful.

My mother Monica YJ had a hard life as a single mother at a young age in Korea. But by God's grace, in her old age, she lived a good and happy life in Australia for the last 28 years with her one and only daughter H*annah WM, and a good son-in law M. Joshua (and cute grand daughter H*annah Jr. for 26 years till moved out for marriage). She looked most happy and peaceful for whole hours on her last day until the accidental head injury. Her last happy hours and comfortable peaceful face are her last gifts to me. Thank you for your love and prayer for my family in this sad time."