(EL SALVADOR) El Salvador UBF Was Revived With God's Word During Their 2022 Summer Bible Conference "Father, Forgive Them..."

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By I*sdro

El Salvador UBF's Bible conference was held on August 5-7, 2022 with the title "Father, Forgive Them for They Do Not Know What They Are Doing." The conference was hybrid and took place at a beautiful cabin on the orange tree route. 15 people and 3 children attended in-person, while the rest attended online.

We confess we needed God's Word so much because we felt hungry and spiritually drained even though we have frequent meetings such as daily bread, group Bible studies, and Sunday worship services. We prayed for the work of the Holy Spirit to save our Bible students, to turn our hearts to God, and again for the forgiveness of sins through our Lord Jesus Christ. The opening Word was Psalm 23 “The Lord is My Shepherd," followed by Revelation 2 “Remember Your First Love," Genesis 3 “The Origin of Sin," Mark 5 “What is Your Name," John 8 “The Truth Will Set You Free,” and lastly, Luke 23 “Father, Forgive Them for They Do Not Know What They Are Doing.” We were revived with joy and felt more united as church. 

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