(UBF VISION ACADEMY) Vision Academy: Registration for Summer Term Courses

by UBF HQ   04-27-2023   0 reads

*The Vision Academy is not the Vision Camp. Visit the website (https://academy.visionubf.org/) for more information about the Vision Academy.

Summer 2023 courses begin in June. Please register at https://academy.visionubf.org/ if you are interested in any of the following courses or pass this information on to your friends. Contact us for any questions: visionacademy@bs.ubf.org. The Academy's main goal is to provide a biblically-grounded learning platform for the spiritual growth of the youth in our ministry. Our courses are selected to address personal and spiritual issues that many of today's youth people struggle with.

Summer Term Courses
* Discipleship Outside the Box: Discover Vision for Your Life and Others (Dr. John K. Lee – Springfield) 
* The Vision of God's Kingdom through the Book of Acts (Dr. Jean Kim – France) 
* God and Money: Biblical Perspectives and Principles (Dr. Daniel Y. Lee – Shippensburg) 

Vision Academy

Questions about Vision Academy? Please check out the FAQs on the Vision Academy website.